Oxford English Dictionary Definitions (with citations)

“accretion, n.”. OED Online. March 2017. Oxford University Press. http://www.oed.com/view/Entry/1239 (accessed April 09, 2017).

b. In non-physical and figurative contexts.

a1684   R. Leighton Pract. Comm. 1st Epist. Peter (1693) I. 238   To desire the Word for the increase of knowledge..is necessary and commendable, and being rightly qualified is a part of spiritual accretion.

1714   tr. C. I. C. de Saint-Pierre Project for Everlasting Peace in Europe iv. 146   This society must in time..arrive at its whole Accretion, and its entire Settlement.

1859   A. Helps Friends in Council New Ser. II. x. 232   The tendency of all power is to accretion, and indeed, to very rapid accretion.

1900   Jrnl. Royal Inst. Brit. Architects 12 May 342/2   They found that the total accretion of Fellows in the fifty years from 1850 to 1900 was 498.

2002   Hist. Scotl. May 25/3   Despite his accretion of power, the elevation of their archrival to the office of regent was the saving of the Gordons.

“institute, v.”. OED Online. March 2017. Oxford University Press. http://www.oed.com/viewdictionaryentry/Entry/97107 (accessed April 09, 2017).
1. trans.

 a. To set up, establish, found, ordain; to introduce, bring into use or practice.

1483   Caxton tr. Caton E v,   Thus hath god Instytuted and ordeyned hit.

1530   J. Palsgrave Lesclarcissement 591/2,   I instytute, I ordayne a thynge to be done.

a1538   T. Starkey Dial. Pole & Lupset (1989) 74   Thys..was wel consyderyd of them wych fyrst instytute thys law of inherytaunce.

1585   T. Washington tr. N. de Nicolay Nauigations Turkie iv. xxix. 152   The famous games called Istmetiques, instituted by Theseus upon envie of those which Hercules had instituted in Olimpe.

a1616   Shakespeare Taming of Shrew (1623) i. i. 8   Heere let vs breath, and haply institute A course of Learning, and ingenious studies.

1678   N. Wanley Wonders Little World v. iii. §9. 474/1   Telesphorus a Grecian, instituted the Lent of seven weeks before Easter.

1732   G. Berkeley Serm. to Soc. Propagation Gospel in Wks. (1871) III. 238   This laudable Society, instituted for the Propagation of the Gospel.

1761   Johnson Let. 10 June (1992) I. 199   The Artists have instituted a yearly exhibition of pictures and statues.

1853   J. H. Newman Hist. Sketches (1873) II. i. iii. 107   Honorius the Second instituted the order of Knight Templars to protect the pilgrims.