Abstract : (also see Valent) that which arises Directly out the binding.

Abstraction : an instance of a novel Value

Acquisition : ChaseTM implementation.

Aggregation : the Growing Complexity of a given Container.

Ambivalence : the Experience of concurrent like and dislike.

Attribute : any given Cause, Effect, Function, or Form.

Attribution : within the Context of any given aggregate, a Novel Cause, Effect, Function, or Form.

Causality : that which arises from difference opened

Cause : difference opened

Chase TM : any bound flow between Fulcrums.

Complex : multibehavioral polymorphism + Attribution.

Complexer TM : “more complex”.

Complexity : polymorphic multibehavioralism + Attribution .

Complex Mechanism : any given aggregate of Machines that implements its Acquisition through its Expression and implements its Expression through its Acquisition.

Condition : the Innate, the intrinsic, or the Abstract.

Conditional : constrained to the Innate, the intrinsic, or the Abstract.

Constraint : any given embrace .

Container : any given constraint on flow.

Context : the conditional shape of flow.

Delta Axis TM : a line that extends discreetly from the infinitely inward to the infinitely outward.a line that extends discreetly from the infinitely inward to the infinitely outward.

Direct : any given singular Abstract condition.

Directly : of a given singular Abstract condition.

Effect : difference closed.

Eventaully :

Experience : any change to a given aggregate that becomes an attribute of that aggregate.

Expression : any Fulcrum, Function, or point, arising through Density, within a given aggregate.

Form : a contiguous aggregate of Function.

Frequency : the compartmentalization of Density

Fulcrum : a zero volume container.

Function : a zero volume container.

God : the infinitely complex such that the infinitely complex is infinitely simple

GodSong TM : the frequency and amplitude at which mass becomes persistent.

Growth : inward attribution.

Hierarchy : a Complex Mechanism that acquires from one Complex Mechanism while expressing into another Complex Mechanism.

Indifference : that which lies outside of our experience.

Inexpression TM : attributes of any given aggregate that lie undisclosed within a given density.

Innate : that which arises Directly out of Cause and Effect.

Intimacy : the sharing of vulnerabilities.

Intrinsic : that which arises Directly out of Function and Form such that Function iterates Form and Form implements Function.

Juxting : |:| to map a simplicity onto a complexity (exclusively).

Latency : concurrent Abstract conditions arising from a given Intrinsic Condition.

Lever : any Chase TM bound to three fulcrums.

Machine : any given aggregate of mechanisms that implement a mechanism.

Mass : any given event of Cause bound Directly to Effect.

Mathematics : the manipulation of Function and Form to elucidate Cause and Effect.

Mechanism : any given aggregate of levers that implement a lever.

Metabolism : any given aggregate of machines that implements its acquisition through its expression and implements its expression through its acquisition.

Motion : the change in the shape and location of a given flow density.

Movement : function iterating form and form implementing function.

Novelty : any given Experience.

Point : a zero volume container of MassTime.

Property : any given lever, mechanism, or machine.

Proximity : Profoundly close delta flows.

Primitive : any given Rational Paradigm TM whose hierarchies are distributed mutually among other Rational Paradigms TM.

Radiation : ripples along the compartments of mass density.

Rational : that which adheres to the rules that iteratively bind Cause, Effect, Function, and Form into The Rational.

Rational Paradigm TM : bound sextuple hierarchy that implements a Complex Mechanism TM.

Reciprocal Interstices TM : any vacancy along a given trajectory.

RMCM TM : The Rational Model Of Complex Mechanisms TM.

Science : the manipulation of Cause and Effect to elucidate Function and Form.

Secular : all that which lies outside of the constraints of this model and arises through the works of man indifferently to the will of God.

Shift : any given Hierarchical Condition TM.

Simple : multibehavioral polymorphism + inexpression TM.

Simpler : multibehavioral polymorphism + still greater inexpression TM.

Simplicity : polymorphic multibehavioralism + inexpression.

TAP TM Technologically Augment Perception.

The Rational : an implementation of the rules that iteratively bind Cause, Effect, Function, and Form into Rational Paradigms.

Time : that which arises through expression.

Valent : a given singular abstract condition.

Value : any flow within a given flow.

Vulnerability : any given inexpressed causality.